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James 1:7 – Time for a Mind Reset

For that person must not suppose that he will receive anything from the Lord;

According to verse 7, does the one who doubts in verse 6 receive wisdom if he asks for it?  To say no is to disprove the premise of verse 6, that God gives generously to those who ask, giving without reproach.  Does God give without reproach even to the doubter?  The one in the mindset of doubt will say no, the one in the mindset of faith says yes, that God upholds his promises and I believe it.

Turn the coin over.  What if this isn’t a God problem.  What if the problem in receiving wisdom lies within the fallen nature of man?  Now that seems more plausible.  God, being perfect, fulfills his promises while man, being flawed and needing to renew his mind, may not see that he has received the promise due to the obscurity he has in the mind as a result of the fallen nature.

We like to blame shift, but on this one, I see a man problem, not a God problem. This is why James says that the doubter should not suppose (think, believe, imagine) that he has received, not just wisdom, but anything from God.  This person who is doubting needs a reset of the mind.  He needs to stop operating out of two psychosis.  This man needs to operate fully from the new self, which is driven by the knowledge of Christ in him.

Therefore when one doubts, one needs to stop thinking all together about the relation between God and his blessings and refocus on the elementary principle of the Gospel, that he needs to repent, i.e. change his mind.

James 1:5 Ask and You Will Receive

If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.
“Excuse me sir, I just realized I left my moisturizing body wash and my head soap at home, and I used all of the complimentary hygenical supplies in my suite. Do you have any more I can have? I really need some. I am starting to smell and the other guests are beginning to notice.”  With eyes rolling, “I am so tired of you people coming un-prepared to my hotel.  I give away free bottles of shampoo all day long to people like you who do not know how to plan for a trip.  Here!  Enjoy!”
James makes sure you know (through repetition of a similar idea) that God, unlike the perturbed hotel employee, happily gives wisdom to all who ask by saying he gives generously without reproach.
The transition from the trials and testing James talks about to needing wisdom is logical.  James is letting you know that there is purpose in your hard circumstance, but you will need the wisdom of Christ to know the purpose in it.  But do not be ignorant, he has already alluded to the purpose by using the words “trials” and “testing”.  These words are similar and are used to reveal the true nature or character of someone.  Therefore you need wisdom to see that the trials and test are revealing your new life that is being lived out by faith.
We will not return to the hotel who treats us as if we are fools, on the other hand we look forward to our next visit to the hotel who treats us with compassion, giving generously without reproach, all of our needs for a comfortable night’s rest.
James point; return to God often asking for what you need to traverse your trial in order that steadfastness will grow, and he will give it.  Do not doubt that!